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Full Service General Aviation Facility

Our current hours of operation are 9AM to 5PM seven days a week.


We offer 100LL and Jet A from Phillips 66 Aviation Fuels. We offer a discount off of Avgas for based aircraft. If your plans require you to be here outside of our normal hours we have 24 hour self serve. You may also contact us and we will make arrangements to accommodate your needs when possible. Please note the following when using the FuelMaster automated fueling system: After activating the system will time out after 3 minutes if fueling has not begun. You will find it helpful to have your aircraft grounded and the desired fuel hose in position for immediate fueling after you have activated the system. The power switches in the hydrant cabinet will need to be turned on. If the system times out prior to fueling your aircraft your credit card will NOT be charged. You will only need to reactivate the system again.

Also available for your use is our Conference Room. If your needs include catering we will help accommodate you through one of our local caterers. If you need transportation we can offer a discounted rate through Enterprise Rent-a-Car using our booking number (L68C056). To learn more about using our corporate code for this service contact us at the Airpark.

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